Taro in powdered and flour form, taro cooked and Hawaiian flower on top of a Hawaiian tapa cloth

Native Flour Ancient Starch, Hawaiian Taro Powder. Gluten Free Recipes from an Island Kitchen

Hawai’ian Taro’s History Goes Back a Millennium. So often we look at food as satisfying to the hunger or taste buds and that’s it. Taro is completely different. It’s been a source of nutrition for centuries. On one end of the spectrum, it has been used as a first food for babies. On the other, the Taro plant is a marketing symbol used throughout numerous businesses throughout the Polynesian triangle today. After making Taro teething biscuits for my toddler from my homemade Taro powder, I learned that Hawai’ian Kalo flour or Taro flour had been a subsidy and export in the late 1800s, supplying the medical and baby food industry as a health food! With this history in mind, I created these recipes for a nutritious gluten-free diet, utilizing our treasured heirloom Hawai’ian plants. Most of the recipes are vegan, but most importantly they are for you to personalize and make them your own. Enjoy them! And do consider using Ancestral Taro Powder™ in your meals. Aloha! - Brynn

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