Benefits of Taro

Voyaging Foods - Why Taro
WHY TARO: Meet the beneficial starch and why this starch is actually good for you.


ANCESTRAL: Voyaging Foods™ takes a local food advocacy approach by cultivating Native Hawaiian canoe plants and collaborating with local farmers. We have ambitious goals to help increase Hawaii’s food self-sufficiency by creating end-use food systems in partnerships with our farmers.

NUTRITIOUS: Voyaging Foods™ cultivates underutilized crops such as taro and sweet potato into naturally wheat/gluten/dairy/soy/corn/bean-free dry mixes and baked goods. Eating a variety of different food is part of a healthy diet.

TRADITIONAL: We honor our Polynesian ancestors who thrived for generations in Hawaii’s agricultural-rich islands. We live every day in one of the most beautiful spots on the earth and want to provide for the next generation while spreading our aloha ‘aina (love for the land).


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