Mission Driven Brand to Watch

Esca Bona 5 Mission Driven Brands to Watch

"New Hope Network’s Esca Bona conference in Austin, Texas brought together entrepreneurs, technologists, and visionary business leaders from across the country to discuss our food system and explore solutions for shaping the future. Two days of inspiring talks and workshops with fellow changemakers and innovative thought leaders energized Esca Bona participants to be the change they want to see in the food system.

What made the Esca Bona conference unique was a focus on people over products, fostering genuine connections among participants through roundtable discussions, a volunteer service opportunity, and focus groups where participants collaborated to solve real problems faced by emerging brands. As a result, I met the people behind the brands and was inspired by their dedication to creating positive change through great products. Highlighted here are five of the mission-based brands and founders that exemplify the spirit of Esca Bona (Latin for good food) who are driving change with innovative products."-ESCA BONA

Voyaging Foods Brands with a Mission





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