21st Century Healing - The Bio Mat

I've been using the Bio Mat for almost a decade. This heat therapy has helped me with stress and pain over the years and even my children and our dog feels the calming effects after resting on the mat. 

Biomat infared

See the interview below where I interview the founder of Biomats.com and an authorized Richway Distributor, Ron Guerra. Recognized as a subject Matter expert, able to speak to the FDA approved benefits of the Biomat and the many Holistic components that are built within it. He is one of the top Distributors in North America and is skilled in helping Wellness professionals and others successfully become distributors as well.

Beyond Ron's passion for the Biomat & now the New BioAcoustic Mat, he has served 20 years in the Navy, as an Electronic Warfare Specialist & Cryptologic Technician. Where he intercepted radar emissions and Signal Intelligence to identifying potential threats to help protect lives. Ron Loves the Biomat and truly enjoys sharing it with anyone who wants to experience the benefits it can make in their lives.

Bioacoustic mat

This is state-of-the-art light technology, using specifically tuned frequencies of infrared and I'm excited to share what has worked for me in the hope that it can help someone else also. What if you could replace pain management through this holistic way rather than spending money on medication? 

Here is another source of information from Kathy Ireland as she interviews Ron about the Biomat below.



These videos featuring Dr Lee Bartel's TED talk on Sound Medicine (aka VibroAcoustic) is great background on the man who helped Richway Create the BioAcoustic Mat.

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