“Pillars of Life”

I like to refer to the categories that make up your life as “pillars of life”.  Pillars hold things up like bridges, houses, etc. It makes sense that pillars of life are those categories that make up and “hold up” the purpose in your life.

Take inventory and look at the big picture:

Lifestyle is equal to “Who You Are”; or the act and pursuit of everyday life and happiness in the journey of life. What is your lifestyle showing? Does it involve nurturing the pillars of your life?

Make a “lifestyle map” to visually see where you are and opportunities to make your best life happen.

An exercise of doing a “lifestyle map” can show you that being in the kitchen, making food preparation will not be looked at it as a job or just one more drudgery to have to do, but a take-charge in the health of the family-and time spent together to nourish the family.  This now fits as a category into the pillar of life (not categorized as an errand or part of life’s drudgery).

I am talking about a perception change on where to gain more time or a “window or hours of opportunity”.

What is your typical day in the life of you? 

To find out, use this time tracking tool from REAL SIMPLE magazine to find out what is taking the most of your time and how to manage it better.



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