How These Products Will Change Your…..

Conference experience is different for each attendee, exhibitor or guest.  As founder of gluten-free food company, Voyaging Foods, I am also an ingredient buyer and health consultant, I liken the Natural Products Expo to an adult healthyland.

Where else do you get to meet founders of your favorite products, and discuss the nutritional level of chia with food scientists.

I came away with my favorite top five products that will change the way to…..

1. Eat your salad:  I will eat my salad wrapped up into a coconut wrap. This low glycemic wrap will be an alternative to the organic corn & wheat and rice wraps.  Hummus with spinach or lettuce?  Hmmm, maybe a cilantro pesto spread with sautéed organic tofu.


Making meals from alternate sources of food is soooo important in this day where corn, soy and wheat dominate our food supply.

I like to have themed dinners so trying a new food is looked upon more as a fun idea rather than a sore subject.

What would you make with these wraps?



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