Gluten-Free Lifestyle-Bread

Let’s be honest, starting a gluten-free lifestyle is easier when GF products taste just as good as regular products. 

The bread category can be the most challenging food segment when making the switch.  Fortunately, there are several gluten-free brands my family has been happy with-after much trial and error.

For those that choose gluten-free out of necessity due to Celiac disease, other health-related issues or just to switch up your eating habits, there are now many options.

I recommend starting with gluten-free breads in french toast recipes and as bread crumbs (click the link to our favorite recipe) to ween challenging eaters into a gluten-free meal.  “Crowd out” the offending foods by adding in whole foods and gluten-free ingredients.

Sometimes it’s easier to make the gluten-free switch when there are deals and coupons to use. Check out this video about how to get coupons for gluten-free and organic food.

There are many products in the gluten-free segment at the market, although not all are going to be healthier than non gluten-free products. To understand gluten-free better, Dr. Alison talks with Brynn of Voyaging Foods, about what to look for in the grocery store.



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