Bulk is Beautiful Tip #3: How To Label Bulk Flours

Organize and Label Bulk Flours

Here are 3 easy ways to use labels in your pantry now

1. Removable & dry erase labels: We have been using removable dry erase labels for our storage bins and glass containers. We love these for our home pantry since you can use over and over again. The same label can be removed and repositioned on other plastic bins, glass containers or even stainless steel .  They do smudge if touched so they work better when not touching any other jars or boxes.  *The product says it is PVC free.


2.  Color Coding: Use different color dry erase markers for powders and flours that may look similar as in baking soda, baking powder and guar gum.

3. Don’t leave out the Dates: Keep your pantry and bulk items as fresh as possible by keeping track of the dates purchased and the “fresh-by date”. Items like flax, nuts and seeds can go rancid if not properly cared for.



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