Eat More S’mores

Go ahead, eat more s’mores! Especially if they are made with these graham crackers because it won’t be like anything you would expect from a gluten-free, vegan, and soy free dessert-hey it even includes pea flour!

These gluten-free s’mores from Mary’s Gone Crackers are one of my favorite top five discoveries from the Natural Products Expo.


Aside from being chocolate, which will take the whole dessert flavor up a notch, they have some great ingredients, and this is why it is a favorite.


I appreciate companies who take the effort into putting nutrient-dense, alternative grains, like Forbidden Black rice from Lotus Foods and beneficial starches and flours as in Ancestral Taro Powder from Voyaging Foods.

This graham cracker contains organic ingredients and healthy flours such as coconut, quinoa flakes, yellow split pea flour, mesquite powder and sweet potato flour.  Not to forget chia, prune, rice bran extract and sea salt.  Impressive!

Try making these corn syrup-free marshmallow recipe from Deliciously Organic to pair with the gluten-free graham crackers.

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