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Holiday menus are not without gravy, but what do you serve guests that are both gluten and grain free? Cornstarch is out and so is rice starch. Ancestral Taro Powder is not only a beneficial starch that naturally contains fiber, potassium and other vitamins but it also allows […]

Ancestral Taro Powder

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Voyaging Foods makes gluten-free baked goods and dry mixes from Hawaiian heritage canoe plants such as Kalo (Taro) , ‘Uala (Sweet Potato) and ‘Ulu (Breadfruit).
Try Ancestral Taro Powder, from Hawaiian Taro, as a starch replacement, soup thickener and as an ingredient in baked goods.

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Brynn Fosters’s book on cooking and baking with Native Hawaiian Taro Powder, introduces readers to a beneficial alternative to cornstarch and other thickeners. Filled with delicious recipes that add fiber, vitamin B6 and folic acid to gluten-free meals, Native Flour, Ancient Starch- Gluten-Free Recipes Using Ancestral Hawaiian Taro Powder, is available for pre-sale now.

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Voyaging Foods merges ancestral diets and the modern healthy family. The Hawaii-based company produces gluten and grain free powders from native Hawaiian canoe plants, the “ancient grains” of Polynesia. Voyaging Foods is bringing Hawaii’s “first food” to home kitchens everywhere. We are honored to make your allergy-free lifestyle a notch more exotic. Voyaging Foods was created in pursuit of our three passions: mindful cooking, healthy lifestyles and sustaining Hawaii Nei.


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