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We love a dessert with multiple uses. Pudding is tasty on it’s own, but switch it up for a pie filling, add coconut or pineapple and it is a whole new dessert. This easy vegan, dairy & gluten-free pudding recipe is adapted from Jeffrey Sampson, Culinary Director at […]


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Voyaging Foods makes gluten-free baked goods and dry mixes from Hawaiian heritage canoe plants such as Kalo (Taro) , ‘Uala (Sweet Potato) and ‘Ulu (Breadfruit).
Try Ancestral Taro Powder, from Hawaiian Taro, as a starch replacement, soup thickener and as an ingredient in baked goods.

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Brynn Fosters’s book on cooking and baking with Native Hawaiian Taro Powder, introduces readers to a beneficial alternative to cornstarch and other thickeners. Filled with delicious recipes that add fiber, vitamin B6 and folic acid to gluten-free meals, Native Flour, Ancient Starch- Gluten-Free Recipes Using Ancestral Hawaiian Taro Powder, is available for pre-sale now.

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Voyaging Foods merges ancestral diets and the modern healthy family. The Hawaii-based company produces gluten and grain free powders from native Hawaiian canoe plants, the “ancient grains” of Polynesia. Voyaging Foods was created in pursuit of our three passions: mindful cooking, healthy lifestyles and sustaining Hawaii Nei.


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