The Mill We Use at Home

The Mill We Use at Home

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Mockmill grain mills usher in a new generation of innovative grain mills and raises the bar for performance and value.


Voyaging Foods is now an affiliate drop-shipper for the Mockmill mills and equipment. We use these mills for our small batch dried starch plant flours and will be offering workshops on the how-to-mill.

Legendary mill maker, Wolfgang Mock, has done it again with the Mockmill 100 grain mill, ushering in a new generation of innovative grain mills that raise the bar for performance and value.

Wolfgang’s Mockmill 100 represents the sum of nearly 40 years of experience and innovation and squarely achieves his goal of making fresh, healthy, high quality and great tasting whole grain flour accessible to as many people as possible.

The Mockmill’s uniquely designed grinding stones produce extraordinarily fine flour, well suited for making everything from world class artisan breads to flaky croissants. Enjoy light pancakes, waffles, tarts, pie crusts, brioche, challah, tender flatbreads and more without sacrificing the health benefits packed into natures nutrient powerhouse that is the whole grain wheat kernel.

The Mockmill 100 will grind from extremely fine flour to coarse cracked grain and will handle all wheat grains and non oily grains, medium sized beans, corn and non oily spices.

Housing the the Mockmill 100 is an Arboblend® shell also known as liquid wood made from 98% natural plant-based fibers. This eco friendly material takes natural raw materials out of the waste stream and combines them with biopolymers that results in an attractive, durable yet low cost casing. By concentrating the costs of building a quality mill into the components that matter most, the mill stones and motor, Wolfgang has succeeded in keeping the price of the German made Mockmill 100 at an amazingly attractive level.  

We’ll keep a running list of the more frequently asked questions about the Mockmill 100 & 200 –

Mockmill FAQ:

Q: What’s the difference between the Mockmill 100 and 200 and other mills, especially the Komo Classic mill?
A: The most significant difference is that both the Mockmill 100 and 200 mill considerably finer flour than the Classic (or any other mill under $750 for that matter). The difference is quite significant. Fine flour can be achieved without having to sift out the nutritious bran. The only other real differences are the obvious ones like housing, styling, price and length of warranty.

Q: How do the Mockmills compare to the Komo Classic in milling speed?
A: The Komo Classic mills a bit more flour per minute than the 200 and so is quite a bit faster than the 100.

Q: Does the 200 heat up the flour more than the 100 while milling?
A: One would think so since the motor is bigger, but the stones on the 200 have a couple of design differences from the stones on the 100. The stones on the 200 are designed to work on a more powerful motor without heating the flour more.

Q: Which size mill should I get?
A: Kind of a hard one to answer. For the one or two loaves a week I typically bake, I find the 100 is perfectly adequate. If you’re milling a lot more than that or just want a faster mill, the 200 is a nice option.


For home use: The Mockmill is intended for home use and milling quantities appropriate for normal family needs. It is not designed for commercial use in which large quantities of grains are to be ground.

All dry grains can be ground, including wheat (both hard and soft), oat groats (dehulled oats), rice, triticale, Kamut, spelt, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum and dent (field) corn. Sprouted grains can also be milled provided they are thoroughly dried first. It will also grind spices, lentils and dry beans (pinto, red, garbanzo, kidney, etc.) It isn’t suitable for herbs, oilseeds like flax or sesame, popcorn, or fibrous materials.

See also the Mockmill 200 (larger motor for faster milling).

 NOTE: Mockmill inventory is constrained due to international manufacturing and shipping challenges and are imposing various shipping delays.

Mockmill Return Policy*


Mockmill 100 Specifications:

Milling Speed: 3.5 ounces/min (100 grams/minute)
Hopper Capacity: 2 lbs 7 oz
Grinding Mechanism: Corundum ceramic grinding stones
Millstone: 3.54 inches (90 mm)
Motor Performance 360 Watts (1/2 hp)
Weight: 13.22 lbs
Dimensions: 15 x 8.7 x 7.5″
Power Cord Length 54″
Housing: Arboblend® “liquid wood”, a renewable earth-friendly and durable housing made from 98% natural plant-based fibers
Made in: Germany
Warranty: 6 Years – Non commercial use


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Christina G January 23, 2022 I am so pleased with the Mockmill. It grinds quickly and efficiently and my flour is so fresh. What a difference it makes, not only to the flavor of bread but to the handling and rising of the dough. So delighted with this purchase. Rated 5 out of 5


Ann Nelson (verified owner) January 2, 2022 I had a Nutrimill for years. It’s a very nice mill but is limited. I discovered the Mockmill 100 and saw how easy it is to use. I love there are so many options from coarse to fine settings. The four goes right into your own bowl quickly and without a mess. Clean up is so easy! I have enjoyed using my Mockmill 100. People say it’s loud but I don’t think it’s too loud. You expect noise since it’s stones grinding grain. Would definitely buy it again. Ordering through Breadtopia was easy with fast delivery. Rated 5 out of 5

Cindy Skillman November 9, 2020 I want you to know how delighted I am and how happy that I finally decided to purchase your amazing home grain mill. I’ve been wanting one for ages, but always hesitated, not quite sure which one to get. I’m glad I waited. Yours is the best. So quiet, so easy to use, such a perfect grind on the wheat. I can’t wait to try it on the corn and rye I’m picking up in a few hours. This lovely mill pleases me so, just watching it. It does its job perfectly; so stable and quiet. Most things need a great deal of fiddling with, but the Mockmill works perfectly right out of the box. Thank you so much! Rated 5 out of 5

Jim F August 2, 2020 I’ve been using my Mockmill 100 for a few months now, milling flour for bread about three times per week. Set up (following instructions in the Breadtopia video) was easy. The mill is really simple to use. Other reviewers have already written about the quality of the resulting flour, so I won’t speak to that. Instead, let me mention how — for me at least — milling increases the pleasure of making bread. I really enjoy selecting the wheat I want to use and then, in minutes, turning that wheat into flour. It’s akin to mixing the dough with your hands — it adds something significant to the experience. I’ve also milled corn for cornbread (two runs through the mill, one time very coarse and the next one finer) and that worked well, too. Rated 5 out of 5

Yun (verified owner) December 3, 2019 Thank you so much for your recommendation! This is perfect for weekend cooking for friends and their families. So excited to be able to make bread and steamed Chinese goodies out of fresh milled flours! Thank you for all the detailed tutorials, as well! Rated 5 out of 5

John Loewen (verified owner) September 12, 2019 This is my first mill, I could not be happier with my purchase. The set up was easy and the clean up even easier. I ordered the mill and it arrived three days later and I use it weekly to make bread and for other baked goods. Rated 5 out of 5

Eric (verified owner) January 17, 2019 I’ve had my Mockmill 100 for nearly a year and have ground well over 100lbs of grain, almost all on the finest setting. It’s the only mill I’ve ever owned so I can’t compare it to others but I’m completely happy. It does what a mill is supposed to do, and does it easily and elegantly. The only issue I had was I managed to break one of the locking tabs on the outlet spout but Breadtopia sent me a new one right away so I score that as superb service, thank you, thank you. The reason I wanted a flour mill is that I have a theory that, like coffee, grains once ground immediately start to lose flavor and the oils start to turn rancid. It seems to be the case, as my breads with my freshly milled flour have subtle flavors and a lack of off-notes that I never achieved with even the best whole wheat flour I could buy. White flour is fine: there’s nothing there to go bad, but whole wheat flour with its bran oil and wheat germ is very fragile. It makes a huge difference to have it fresh. Rated 5 out of 5

Scott (verified owner) January 10, 2019 I received my Mockmill 100 from Breadtopia a week ago, and have already made several loaves of sourdough using the Turkey Red Wheat Berries that are included with the mill. In a word………Superb. Setting up the mill was easy (watch the video) and the resulting baby powder fine flour is outstanding. I highly recommend this mill to anyone looking for a quality home mill. Rated 5 out of 5

Jack (verified owner) December 26, 2018 This is my first home mill. Here is my opinion of it, and the flour it produces: It is heavy, and sturdily built. It grinds considerably faster than the advertised 100 grams per minute, at least at the settings that I use. The mill motor is almost silent when running (but not grinding), so the noise is almost entirely from the grains being ground. When grinding, it is quieter than an electric coffee grinder, or food processor, and the tone of the noise is actually quite pleasant. It is easy to adjust, and to “calibrate” the grind leaver, and the mill can be adjusted to a setting that produces very fine flour, even on the first grind. I set the leaver so that the stones just touch at the “1” setting, and then grind at “3” or “4” for bread flour. The bread made from home-milled flour is much (MUCH!) better than any bread I have made with store-bought flour. I’m very impressed with the mill, and the flour it produces. I recommend it highly! Rated 5 out of 5

Kurt Miller (verified owner) April 11, 2018 I got my Mockmill 100 last fall and made 4 round loaves of Rye bread using organic berries & Hard White Wheat organic berries from my favorite receipe. I took the loaves, still warm in an open paper bag, to our local Senior Center & donated them at the yearly fall city wide craft sale. I talked to several people and before I left, all 4 loaves sold. 2 of the buyers I knew & they didn’t know I made bread. They had bought some at the previous year’s sale and loved the bread. I told them I freshly grind the flours and they wanted my phone #, so they could get some more later. I like the Mockmill 100. It is easy to clean, and you can adjust the grind of the berries from super fine to coarse very easily. It is easy to take apart & put back together, but be sure to read the instructions if you do. I have had several mills and this is the best one to date. A GREAT PRODUCT! P.S. I get my organic berries from Breadtopia!!! Rated 5 out of 5

Kathleen (verified owner) March 16, 2018 Absolutely wonderful, the flour truly is like silk! The flour pours right into the bowl without a mess, and unlike my other mill, I get at least twice the flour with this mill and no sifting. It’s truly amazing, just put your bowl under, turn on, dump your grain, and in seconds you have flour as fine as store bought. Everyone was amazed at the aroma from the bread as it was rising. I have been heavily researching for a couple of years and I am so glad this came out; I couldn’t order it quick enough! And the only clean-up is shutting it off, unplug, and wash the bowl – phenomenal. You will love it! I bought their live sourdough starter and love it! The shipping was quick and the customer service is great! I can’t wait to get the Danish style dough whisk. Thanks Breadtopia! Rated 5 out of 5

Kelly McKillop (verified owner) January 20, 2018 I have had my mill for about two months and use it once or twice per week. I have ground many types of wheat, quinoa, amaranth, rye, barley, oats, teff, kaniwa, millet, buckwheat and sorghum. It is fast and does a very nice job with all of the grains that I have milled except buckwheat – which it seems to struggle with to grind fine. I am quite pleased with the mill and expect to get many happy years of use out of it. Rated 5 out of 5

Rebecca C. (verified owner) October 5, 2017 Wonderful! Just wonderful!!! My new Mockmill 100 looks nice sitting on my counter, is quieter than my food processor, and doesn’t make a mess like my previous mill did (which I couldn’t leave sitting on my counter due to its size). I LOVE the fact that there is no cleanup required after I am done milling flour – I just make sure it is unplugged!! Bread in the photo is made with 100% freshly ground organic hard white wheat. NO added wheat gluten or commercial dough conditioners. I also used the organic yeast from Breadtopia, which is wonderful!!! Very few crumbs!! Rated 5 out of 5

Rachida Dukes (verified owner) September 26, 2017 I just got mine this week. I am so happy to be able getting freshly milled wheat. Thanks for this wonderful product. I am buying a second one from Germany and get it shipped to Casablanca Morocco from Germany as a gift for my mother. Rated 5 out of 5

Patchin September 24, 2017 My new Mockmill 100 arrived yesterday as promised and no kidding, it is a dream. The instructions to remove the grinding stone protectors were well written and illustrated. Right away I ground some sprouted rye berries, and the flour is like silk. Can’t wait to make my first loaf of bread but my starter is refreshing so it will be several hours, sigh…

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