Make Your Own Gluten-Free Flour Mix

Here’s a recipe from our new cookbook that shows you how to make your own mix. 

Most food companies like ours hold these flour ratios close to their brand secrets but to stay true to our core values - we are sharing it out to you!

We measure by weight, as in grams & ounces, not volume so make sure to use a kitchen scale when following along.

Our approach to a wholesome gluten-free mix includes this breakdown:
40% protein
40% whole-grain fiber
20% fiber/beneficial starch

Try some of these flours

40% Plant Protein:

  • coconut flour x 140 gram = 56 grams

40% Complex Carb:

  • Whole grain brown rice flour x 140 gram = 56 grams

20% Fiber/Beneficial Starch:

=Total 140 grams or @ 1 cup

Weighing you flours will not only save you money but it will create a consistent end product.

Weighing Flour

Step 1:

Place sifter in a large bowl and rest on a kitchen scale.

Step 2:

Zero out the scale to make sure you aren’t weighing the sifter and the bowl. We want to only measure the specific flour.

Step 3:

Pick from the flours to make your own mix. You could make a high-protein, or a high-fiber blend or make several mixes for different recipes. Make sure you zero out the scale after each flour addition.

Step 4:

Sift flours to remove lumps then add to an airtight container.

Add natural flavors such as cacao. Fun fact: Hawaii is the only state in the United States that commercially grows Cacao.

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