This is 40. 5 Simple Tips to Consider When Turning 40 (or any mature age for that matter)

1. Moisturize internally and externally

  • Add healthy fats and oils to your diet.  Try putting coconut oil in smoothies or take at least 1 tablespoon daily, add krill oil, salmon or fish to meals.
  • Moisturize with pure oils and creams.  Leave additives, preservatives out.  Remember your skin absorbs what you put on it and reflects what is inside.

Favorite’s: Dr. Mercola’s Krill Oil, Coconut oil for body, face and food

2. Treat body parts like you do your face

  • I have a friend who applies her same facial nighttime regime to her tummy problem areas and wrinkles around the knees.  A face can look smooth and clear but don’t forget your hands, knees and neck.

3. Don’t underestimate sleep, water and sweat

  • It is both simple and virtually free to get enough sleep, drink more water and have a good sweat.  When I started focusing on these 3 things alone, I saw smoother skin, better digestion and energy (youth!)

4. Stay away from excessive squinting, frowning, and straws?

  • Protect your eyes from the sun: invest in quality polarized sunglasses (bigger the better).
  • Never frown, crinkle or scowl. If angry, use your voice; write it, sing it or say it. Laugh lines are rainbows, scowls resemble facial storage bags meant for squirrel’s nuts.  How is that for a visual?
  • Consistent and repetitive puckering around a straw promotes lip lines and top of it is wasteful. No need! 

5. Sometimes fast with food, alcohol and pillows-yes, I said pillows!

  • The Ketogenic and Paleo Diet say giving your digestive system a break for a certain amount of time(overnight) and limit carbs-kick starts metabolism.  Let your body work its magic and burn fat naturally.
  • I have a friend from South America whose mother sleeps on her back without a pillow so gravity can pull the “chicken gullet”  taught.  Talk about beauty sleep!

Bonus #6 Last but not least……….

6. Claim your years in life; age is a feeling-not a look.  “Life in years” is a much more interesting story.  Look great for 40 not just ok for 35.

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