Corporate Nutritionism

There are many games involved in the simple task of feeding oneself.  Simple task? I have heard many friends and even family say that “eating in today’s food environment has gotten so confusing”.  Questions arrise such as “Is there gluten in that? Which supplement do I  need? Should I spend that extra $1.50 on enriched milk/flour/eggs?”

I believe in simple food-not enriched, enhanced or engineered.  Not food replacements, supplements, vitamins or supped-up-functional-mega food. Back to the basics means getting all the vitamins and nutrients from whole food in it’s whole form rather than a part of of extracted.

I recently read an ariticle, That’s Not Natural or Organic: How Big Food Misleads, focusing on how food got so confusing by big food companies sprinkling nutritional buzzwords in the marketplace.

Here’s to the concept of not playing with food but going back to simply eating it.

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