My Personal Food Journey

As you may already know, I started a food company, Voyaging Foods, based on wheat/gluten-free principals in 2007 mostly for children needing alternative diets.  Meanwhile, I practically ate a loaf of bread every week, as I loved toast!  I never thought I would be strictly gluten-free just years later.

I get asked certain questions all the time: “What was the tipping point” “How did you know you couldn’t tolerate gluten or wheat?”  “What were your symptoms?”  Honestly, there were many symptoms that I couldn’t possibly relate to one another-and didn’t….some skin rashes and stomach aches beyond normal.  I do know that when I stopped eating gluten-some relief came.  The point is to not brush off headaches, rashes and living with irritations.  Being uncomfortable is not a “new normal” and there are solutions.

The main issue with pinpointing symptoms with causes-is very difficult because many are sub-clinical.  I spent a couple years going to different doctors, gastroenterologists, naturopaths-and didn't really get the relief I was looking for.

Through this process, I started to learn a lot about how dangerous some ingredients are that are in food and body products.

I initially started on an elimination diet removing gluten/wheat to reduce the inflammation.I felt better after not eating gluten for a month, but later have getting an allergy blood test-the conclusion was surprising.  Gluten and wheat were not the major problem for me-it was brewer's yeast that was messing with my insides.  The gluten-free bread I was eating-still contained yeast and I wasn’t getting the relief I had expected.  Thankfully, I found an amazing gluten-free, yeast free bread that I love.  

After removing yeast from my diet (which included cheese) and adding prebiotics, digestive enzymes and fermented food to my diet, my digestion and stomach felt better.  

Since it is challenging to keep up to date on the sources of ingredients in food-and companies are always updating their ingredients, I always check with The Cornucopia Institute and The Environmental Working Group, since they are independent and free of sponsored content that isn't trying to sell you something.

I have since learned that another possible offender-carrageenan-could have been wreaking havoc on my digestive health as well since it is in some organic food. 

Check out Cornucopia Institute’s guide to avoiding carrageenan in your food for more information.

And remember-it’s not living without-it’s needing less and feeling your best.

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