Powerful Powders

The Natural Food Product Expo West is like the fashion week for healthy foodies.  There were new ingredients and innovative products everywhere.  Everyone has their favorites-mine have to meet these three criteria:

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. If a food, then must be naturally nutrient-dense (not enriched)
  3. not sprayed or full of chemicals, GMO-free which is really a combination of 1 & 2.

I am currently happily, healthfully possessed (spurred or moved by a strong feeling) by powders.  Why?

Powders are:

  • concentrated
  • can deliver a multitude of antioxidants and vitamins that would take pounds of raw food to match
  • from alternate sources of calcium, protein and sweeteners
  • easily consumed by simply adding to smoothies, baked goods or liquids
  • easily transportable for quick hunger fixes.  I keep small packets in my purse to have my local juice store add to a smoothie for extra protein.

Sunfood Superfood has opened up my curiosity of superfoods by way of powders.  There are different maca powders, mangosteen powder and camu camu powders that I can’t wait to explore.

What superfood powder peeks your curiosity?

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