Bulk is Beautiful Tip #2: 5 Ways to Buy in Bulk

Bulk Bargains:

  1. Shop and Share:  Purchase bulk items with a friend to see how fast you actually will go through a staple food item. Rice is a good bulk item to start with since it doesn’t go bad quickly. If a 25 pound bag of organic rice may be just too much for your pantry, pair up and share the savings. Also, this will help slowly build your bulk pantry rather than going overboard on the first shopping trip. The goal is to build it over time and learn how much you actually need.
  2. Join a buying club: This buying club combines individuals’ buying power to purchase large quantities at discounts. Also compare Vitacost.com to your local Sam’s Club or Costco.
  3. Bring: Bring your containers to the store on a bulk buying trip and weigh BEFORE you fill them up.
  4. Label: Put flour, starches and baking powder in labeled containers with use by dates.
  5. Weight vrs Volume: Remember to think in unit rather than volume. This will also help to compare bulk versus packaged.

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