Taro Cakes
Taro Cakes
Taro Cakes

Taro Cakes

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We are excited to offer our newest dry mix for pancakes that is based on native Hawaiian canoe plants. This mix is special because:

  • grain free
  • gluten free
  • dairy free. See our recipes for egg-free options here
  • corn free
  • utilizes nutrient dense flours such as sweet potato flour, taro powder and coconut flour
  • organic ingredients
  • yeilds about 2 dozen pancakes
  • good source of fiber
  • color free
  • Hawaiian grown Taro and Sweet Potato
  • made in USA


Organic coconut flour, sweet potato flour, Ancestral Taro Powder, organic coconut sugar, grainless baking powder (Monocalcium phosphate, potato starch, potassium bicarbonate), Hawaiian sea salt, gluten-free vanilla powder (Natural vanilla bean extractives, evaporated cane juice, silica, cellulose).

What are canoe plants? Canoe plants are the plants the first Hawaiians brought as sustenance food in their open ocean voyaging canoes when they traveled across the Polynesian triangle. Learn more here: http://www.canoeplants.com/

These plants are sweet potato, taro, coconut and breadfruit.