Upgrading Thanksgiving

There is good gluten-free and bad gluten-free.

The point of gluten-free is to avoid inflammatory responses, not eat whatever “says” gluten-free on the package. We have received feedback from many customers  who respond well to most gluten-free foods, although we recommend to look beyond the “gluten” as being the culprit. Taking some time away from inflammatory foods is the point.

Yes, thankfully there are innovative and healthier choices to make in the convenient, or packaged & processed, grain and gluten-free category. The idea to swap one ingredient for another is a way to make the whole meal healthier. We refer to this ingredient swap as upgrading.

How do make healthier upgrades? Here’s three ways to upgrade holiday meals:








Make a home-made stuffing using gluten-free bread. It’s easy to make and can actually be cost-effective by utilizing heels from loaves of bread not used. Six to eight heels will make enough stuffing for stuffing for 6. Check out our recipe for gluten-free stuffing here.


Upgrade your thickener to include beneficial starches. Look for starches that naturally contain fiber and other vitamins or minerals. One serving or 2 Tablespoons of Ancestral Taro Powder contains 10 x more fiber than 2 Tablespoons of cornstarch. The thickening power is superior as you only need half as much taro powder in recipes calling for cornstarch. Don’t worry about boiling and having to continually stir the gravy to get rid of all those lumps seen in potato and cornstarch- taro powder doesn’t clump. Our recipe for a grain & gluten-free gravy here.

Mashed Potatoes:

This is one of our favorite recipes to upgrade. 1) Instead of water used to boil the potatoes, upgrade using vegetable or bone broth instead. 2) Try using sweet potatoes or even a mix of red, brown and white potatoes and mash into the broth to create a creamy mash. You might even be able to omit the butter it’s so creamy!

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