Strategy to set goals-Vision board

I love to make lists.  It seems to quiet the chatter in my mind about what I need to do next whether it be bill reminders to birthday gifts or life goals.  If you are a visual learner or like organized lists in a pattern or shapes (like myself), then mind mapping or making a vision/dream board may be another form of goal setting for you to try.  Mind Maps were popularized by author and consultant, Tony Buzan. They use a two-dimensional structure, instead of the list format conventionally used to take notes.

Here are 4 steps to get started with goal setting:

1.  Gather your thoughts and ideas that move you.  Passions, likes and desires.  Goals can change yearly, and that’s alright.  Knowing what you enjoy and want to accomplish reduces your risk to being open to doing whatever others want you to do-following the pack.  When you are enriched you can enrich others.

2. Start big-put it out there-free of judgement.

If you really wanted to be an opera singer but are currently a professional surfer (too totally different worlds, right?), put it down.  Don’t judge your deep wishes or interests.  The point of the goal setting is to steadily get to where you want to be or do what you want to be doing.

3. Use your “pillars of life” as a starting point to determine what you enjoy most or where you are lacking in balance.

It’s about being conscious not only of your thought processes, but also of your acts during the day.

4. Focus your intentions per week, month or year.  Life is evolving.

Revisit your strategy and passions weekly and monthly.  Update and revise.

I used Powerpoint and an artistic version using a stretched canvas with glued clip to create my vision board.  I don’t cut out magazine inspirations because those are other people’s or company’s images and I don’t want to superimpose my intentions and wishes with theirs.

Here are some resources to start your own:

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