Life in These Islands

I’ve been thinking more about Seasons in the Hawaiian Islands. Why do people say there are no seasons? They must miss the leaves turning colors, falling to the ground and snow perhaps. I see more changes in nature in these islands than anywhere else.

In the Hawaiian Islands, we feel a difference when going into the ocean after Halloween. It’s more chilly and you think ahh, winter is here!

Knowing when the mangoes drop or when the whales come to give birth and the Kolea birds come are other signs of changes in nature. Warmer water, rainy weather and wind are signs consitent with certain types of fruit, vegetables growing and animals showing up in our islands. It is all synched and consistent. Learning more about the moon phases shows the consistent changes in nature and is cyclical. How to harness these changes and energies is fascinating.

As in nature, setting intent to harness these specific energies, a holistic balance for a regenerative, give and take relationship

The Summer Solstice is a great time to place intent into the season. It is a period of time when you can see nature change. The sun stays out longer, the plants show signs of growth, certain trees start to grow fruit. What are you working towards? What would you like to see come to fruition?

Here are some thoughts that have come up for me for this season:

  • Resilience
  • Accept and receive fruits of focused work. Realizing milestones
  • Realize the individualism in others

Some of my personal goals are to create more consistent self-sustaining strategies surrounding healthy eating.

Learning different recipes on making dinner from  scratch (without any boxes or plastic) then becomes more about the ingredients than anything else.

I recently went to The Chopra Center for The Perfect Health Program. Is it about living until you are 100? Nope, it is about the health in your years. Outlook is a choice. Wellness is a tool to handle the chaos and stress everyday life supplies. The receptacle is my job. Do I store the stress or release it? Now that the awareness is there, life’s ups and downs, twists and turns are more manageable.

Resilience can be a strength but also needs an outlet. My Chopra experience was key in learning how to keep resilience but allow movement .

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