Are Canoe Plants the Ancient Grains of Polynesia?

Are canoe plants the ancient grains of Polynesia?


Canoe plants can be likened to the ancient grains of Polynesia because similarly to ancient grains such as teff and quinoa, they are the traditional crop that has sustained an island nation for thousands of years.

Ancient grains have been the nutrition buzz word and the food trend added to cereals, breads and pasta products seen the last few years. The term “ancient grain” refers to a group of grains and seeds grains such as quinoa, amaranth, spelt, millet, teff, sorghum, and buckwheat and have been staples in their native cultures for centuries. Utilizing nutrient-dense food is healthier and it’s important to consume food from a variety of sources.

Canoe plants, like grains, are also nutritious as well as naturally gluten-free.  Our goal is to make canoe plants more available to consumers.

From a nutritional standpoint, canoe plants are high-fiber starches, tubers, plants and seeds and rich in plant-based protein and a variety of minerals such as iron, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B6, and potassium.

Try using sweet potato in mashed potatoes or Ancestral Taro Powder in gravy {see recipe here}, soups or stews {recipe here}.


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