5 Things to do with high value at no cost

                  5 things to do with your children that have high impact although cost nothing:

1. Culture! Take advantage of Free days at local museums, zoo, cultural institutes. Check out local free days at here.  Pack a lunch or snack to bring along
2. Discover! Story times at book stores and libraries. check Barnes & Noble’s site here for events.  Check your local library for events.  For example, Hawaii State Public Library lists children’s storytimes here.  
3. Visit! Visit farmers markets and talk to farmers and try something new. Most farmers booths give free testers
4. Staycation! Camp at home, practice in your backyard, set up a fort with a couple of chairs and blankets in your living room, or even bedrooms work too!
5. Craft it! Crafty stores like Ben Franklin and Michael’s have demos and workshops with tons of inspirations to get your creativity on! Check out Ben Franklin’s Hawaii link for their calendars. Michael’s store calendar is here.

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