Wayfinder Farm-Site Labs


Our proposed Wayfinder factories contain drying and milling programs for innovative strategies to revive the practice of regional, community-supported, decentralized, value-added food systems to mitigate 21st century sustainability challenges.

Here's our mobile unit in the raw.....

Wayfinders will operate pop-up labs a.k.a a mobile drying and milling educational lab that pops-up at schools, health food markets, and public areas demonstrating self-sustaining opportunities for food security across O'ahu. 

​Here's a shot of the team loading the flour mill to get repainted!

We are in the process of building infrastructure to share in the task to double food production in Hawaii by creating access to flour making knowledge and tools.

Join the Canoe Plant Collective at www.growcanoeplants.com if you are interested in becoming a farm partner or flour maker.

We create access for:

  • farmer training in regenerative farming principals
  • learning how to make flour 

In Spring of 2021, join our 4 week blueprint where we will:

  • work with our lab consultants and food scientists to develop fundamental knowledge in Plant To Powder
  • understand basic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),
  • understand HACCP practices,
  • develop an understanding for local farming and challenges

Our programs fit in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals with the U.N. Global Goal for Sustainability and encourage community-action projects. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda, adopted in 2015, includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030. Countries around the world have committed to taking action to meet these goals, such as ending hunger and poverty and creating sustainable cities and communities. 


If you have an interest in being a mentor or adding your support we could use your help. This includes student volunteers who want to gain applied experience in the field and retirees.

Host the Lab

Request the Wayfinder lab to pop-up at your school or community. We are looking for partners in the 2021-22 year.

The Canoe Plant Collective was fiscally sponsored by paying three employee wages and benefits through the Aloha Connects Innovation Initiative.  For more information, click here.

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