40 Day Prosperity Plan

The 40 Day prosperity re-programming plan activating prosperity & re-wiring the daily mind

Date: December-February

40 days | 5 weeks | Live call Thursdays 12 High Noon Pacific Time- Jupiter energy

Time: 60 min

Cost: $97


2 payments of $50

Place:  Zoom calls + optional meetup in S. California area + WhatsApp accountability group

This 40 day prosperity plan will conspire with the universe opening up the flow that is always here to tap into like a pure, flowing waterfall.

The exciting news is we live in an abundant universe! Although, the awareness and recognition of this truth is at times disconnected.

This 40 day journey aims to re-wire the obsession in fear, lack and scarcity that is built into all our systems thus attract more abundance to you.

When we learn to move from the stress to the opportunity there is abundance.

The source of your prosperity is within you and through this awareness you allow the flow of the universe that is waiting to be revealed.

Join us in this journey as we tap into the harmonic flow of this divine truth.

Our cyclical nature:

We will work to unpeel the layers and release the flow in a cyclical manner that allows for the ebbs and flows, the building and rest, the releasing and rest/re-organization. This is habit building platform you have lifetime access to return to over and over again.

  • Activations
  • Learn to stop blocking the good
  • Identify your treasures in the abundant universe

When you commit to this 40 days, your intention begins.

You will receive:

  • A practice to be used anywhere, anytime
  • Digital playbook available online to access 24/7 during our workshop
  • Rituals and daily habits
  • Accountability group on WhatsApp
    • Daily messages & reminders that the magic happens with your pen to paper
  • First five participants receive free online copy of the Abundance Book in Audible.
  • Group call 1x per week for 60 minutes with guest experts to dive deeper
  • Record of your recognition of daily abundance in an “abundance ledger”
  • Align in a rhythmic flow alongside the divine order of earth’s cycle
  • Bonus’ to add on
    • audio meditations
    • essential oil synchronized with the themes
    • weekly group frequencies to release blocks in the collective auric field 
    • mantras and crystals encoded into the frequencies

This workshop is adapted from the Abundance book authored by John Randolph Price and updated for today’s generation.

The Planner Playbook:

Thursday, December 29 |Week 1 BEGIN:

  • Principals of statement. Declare and decree
  • Setting up the 40 day principals
  • Setting Intent Choosing your focus (Wheel of Life prompt)
  • Statements 1-7
  • Join WhatsApp accountability group
  • Group will receive Heart Chakra Frequency: Please respond to the Google form to participate.

Thursday, January 5 | Week 2:

  • Mindset reprogramming
  • Statements 8-15
  • How to dive deeper
    • Adding in the layers (essential oils, frequencies, breath work, movement)
  • Group Frequency:

Thursday, January 12 |Week 3:

  • Grounding themes from these past 14+ days
    • See the grounding themes
  • Planner review, rhythm of nature
  • Group Frequency:

Thursday, January 19 | Week 4:

  • Meditation thoughts review
  • Grounding themes |Formless Substance, Infinite, Oneness, Sophia, Amirit, Chi, Mana, Shin, Ka, Holy Spirit
  • Awareness / activity log
  • Abundance ledger
  • Group Frequency:

Thursday, January 26 | Week 5:

  • Awareness / activity log
  • Grounding themes | Truth, Knowledge, Understanding
  • Share
  • Group Frequency:
  • Oil:

Thursday, February 2 | Week 6:

  • Awareness / activity log
  • Grounding themes |Movement, Vibration, Frequency, Action + Movement
  • Share
  • Group Frequency:
  • Oil:

Monday, February 6 | 40 DAY COMPLETION:

  • Awareness / activity log
  • Grounding themes |Surrender, Release
  • Share
  • Group Frequency:
  • Oil:




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