✨Quantum Detox With Wearable Intelligence ✨

There are a lot of "wearable intelligence" devices in the market now, smart watches that tell you your mood and phones that monitor your steps for cardio health.

I've been interested in both holistic health and pain management for many years and have been working with this specific quantum technology as a form of wellness for many years.

Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs are the way of the future and they are now available in a small, wearable device. I have been using it to harmonize my Bioenergetic Field for many important areas of life.

I have multiple devices that use frequency for sleep, anxiety and overall wellness and the most user friendly frequency device I've used is the Healy.

Health is not a one size fits all so I've created this workshop so you can have your own personalized experience with quantum wellness.

As a supplemental support, this workshop is available for free with the purchase of a Healy through our unique affiliate link. We will have more supportive webinars and workshops that delve deeper into these helpful frequency tools for wellness.

When purchasing through our unique link, you will receive an email with a code for 100% off of this Quantum Detox workshop. We also offer specials on other tools, wellness workshops and ways to incorporate our intent to create space for a "healer in every home".

If you already have the Healy, let's dive into this foundational Quantum Detox together through this 14 Days With Healy. Join the workshop in the link here:

If you would like to set up a call to learn more about these programs click this link to set up a time.


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