Elder Appreciation Journal

Elder Appreciation Journal - A personal recollection

As the eldest daughter of a prominent Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, John Jolliffe, I am understanding more about the narratives, stories and emotions that create the labels we chose to live with. In this digital journal, I go beyond talk therapy to decode years' worth of stories we are told or tell ourselves to have a more personal experience to my specific family of origin and how we make our own experience which heals 7 generations prior and the future 7 generations. I am the 7th generation and know my history, righting the wrongs as I weave through life beyond talk therapy.

In these short series my dad joins Tim Smith's RUHM Podcast to share the findings from John's 96,000 therapeutic consults over a 40-year career.

John and Tim discuss the 6 Principles of Growing Relationships, illegitimate human beings, resolving false conclusions, psychopaths, and the disruptive alternative thinking that has guided John’s life training. In this conversation about relational challenges, John and Tim reveal their personal therapeutic breakthroughs and digest the question, “What if the life you’re living is not the life that wants to live in you.”

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