Super Powders are top trend 2018

Every year, buyers and food industry analysts anticipate food trends. This year, Whole Foods listed their top 10 trends for 2018. We see canoe plant flours such as Taro Powder and our canoe plant-based mixes offering what consumers and the market is looking for.

* Super Powders *

Powders are transportable with extended shelf life, we like to add Taro Powder into oatmeal, smoothies, granola bars, soups and our baked goods..

 * Transparency 2.0 * 

Did you know Hawaiian Taro is the only food in the world to have a moratorium from being genetically modified? Talk about GMO transparency! Voyaging Foods believes telling our farmer’s stories is the upmost important to consumers and supporting farming as a thriving industry in Hawaii.

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The Taro Difference

Voyaging Foods produces Ancestral Taro Powder as a beneficial alternative to cornstarch and other thickeners. A little goes a long way! Use half as much as cornstarch called for in recipes. Per serving, Ancestral Taro Powder can add up to 10 times more fiber than cornstarch.


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Brynn Foster & Voyaging Foods in the News


Voyaging Foods bridges Hawaiian ancestral food and the modern healthy diet. We are a Hawaii-based company that is disrupting the alternative flour market by growing and manufacturing gluten and grain free powders from native Hawaiian canoe plants, the treasured heirloom plants of Polynesia. Voyaging Foods was created in pursuit of our three passions: mindful cooking, healthy lifestyles and sustaining Hawaii Nei.